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So you've stumbled on the unopened secrets of your own desire. It's time to crack you open, let those secrets out to play.

I am Mistress Viola Parker, a longtime lifestyle player with over nine years of professional domination under my garters. I began training at a house of domination in the San Francisco Bay Area, relocating to Portland, OR in 2014.  Through this work, I've discovered the dual sides of my interests and fascinations: sensation and deprivation, pain and pleasure, fear and indulgence, latex and lingerie, leather and silk. 

I am a strict and sensual disciplinarian, creative, at times playful, forceful, and intuitive. I work to find common interests, fetishes, and fantasies to create authentic and powerfully cathartic experiences. I'll encourage you to tease your boundaries, walk the line, expand them. I am an extremely verbal Mistress, coaxing you into submission with ease, amused at how easy it is to instigate your various forms of submission, to watch how you crumble in the presence of my natural dominance, resistance draining...

I believe strongly in the power of BDSM to transform; in submission there is freedom. This work has granted me a deep respect for those in any stage of exploration, newbies and heavy players alike. I also offer coaching sessions for couples and individuals exploring all levels of BDSM. I have begun teaching workshops at Sanctuary and other venues around town which will be listed on my Events page. I also organize a monthly FemDom Party at Sanctuary, every fourth Thursday.

To learn more about the kinds of sessions I offer, my rates, and my long list of interests, visit my Sessions page.  To read some personal accounts of session experiences, review the Praise page. To contact me I ask that fill out the brief form on the Contact page.


Evolve. Submit. Behave.