Please take a moment to think through and fill out the form here to contact me, it will help me get a sense of who you are and help us plan a session. 

It is important to me that you think through your interests and fantasies and express them clearly.  I do not respond to one line emails or calls that are too late or too early. The best way to contact me is through this form. If you are new to this and you don’t know what you want exactly, explain to me what drew you to this, what specific things have taken hold in your brain, what fantasies you escape to. Remember, I am an ally and fellow kinkster, I am not in the habit of judging anyone for their desires. Communication is key!

I will never call you without scheduling an appropriate time to speak.
It is always best to let them know I will be contacting them.
Do you understand that these are fantasy and fetish sessions only and NO sex is offered or implied? *
Are you over 18?
Be prepared to show ID when we meet if needed.