Take a virtual tour of my playspace...

We recently had 3D photos taken of our playspace taken by 3D Real Estate Photos. I highly recommend this photographer if you’re looking for this kind of photography. It was super quick with amazing high-quality results.

Use the link to walk the space and explore my bondage equipment and gear, but remember, it is so much more gorgeous and special to be in the space with yours truly, the air heavily scented with my perfume, the lights down low, and your devotion laid at my feet.

I also rent the space to couples and those looking for a sexy kinky space to play. We will need to vet you somewhat but community rentals are $80/hr with a two hour minimum.

Listen to a Podcast where we talk DIRTY!

Mona Darling and I were recently interviewed by one of our favorite local podcasts, Strange Bedfellows - a sex, health, and politics podcast with Elle and Jen. Elle is a Sex Educator. Jen is a Private Investigator. They are also both sex workers. In this episode, we talk about lessons we have learned from pro-domination, kinky sex, how to talk dirty, and introduce our gorgeous new fetish space.

You may not know this about me, but I am a longtime indie radio junkie and I listen to podcasts ALL the time. I was honored and excited to be invited on the show. Give it a listen!