Session Interests

I take sessions in a fully equipped fetish space with a large collection of toys, bondage gear, fetish furniture, electro toys, and more. For more info on my space visit To book my time and plan a session you'll need to give me a sense of your interests on the Contact Form and I will craft a scene with activities we both enjoy. Read more about session responses and feedback on my Praise page.

I specialize in and thoroughly enjoy the following activities:

  • CBT & chastity.

  • Verbal control, psychological play, tease & denial, orgasm control.

  • Electro play, (I have many diabolical electro toys).

  • Medical play, sounds, play piercing, examination.

  • Bondage, immobilization & restraints.

  • Sensory deprivation, sleep sack, blind folds, immobilization, hoods.

  • Cross-dressing, sissification, transformation, forced feminization, etc.

  • Erotic humiliation & degradation.

  • Long term slave training, chastity, distance domination, dominatrix life-coaching/goal setting programs.

  • Foot fetish, shoe & boot worship, trampling, stocking fetish.

  • Couples sessions/coaching: creating strategies and programs to follow for home play, to instigate creativity in partnerships, or teach and train skills to exploring couples.

  • Multi-domme sessions with my fellow pro-domme friends.

  • OTK spanking, corporal punishment, discipline, impact play, flogging.

  • Smothering, playful wrestling (I do not do sessions that are 100% competitive wrestling), beat-downs, face slapping, bare knuckle punching, boxing.

  • All manner of creative role plays: interrogation, boss/secretary, prison guard/prisoner, teacher/student, blackmail, adult baby, doctor/nurse/patient, cuckolding fantasy, Queen & servant, human furniture, puppy play, animal play, alien examinations, etc.
    I love hearing new and interesting role play and scene ideas, so reach out with yours and let's play.

  • Goddess worship, body worship (never nude).

  • Clothing fetishes: rubber/latex (I LOVE shiney latex), lingerie, nylons, leather, gloves, shoes, boots, etc.



I recommend at least 90 mins for a first session to avoid being rushed. 
Overnight or sessions over four hours can be negotiated if we have worked together before.
Rates are non-negotiable.

Meet & Greets

For newbies or individuals who want to break the ice with a face to face, learn more, or just get to know me. We will meet at a cozy coffee shop or bar and chat for about 45 mins. 

Kink Coaching/Longterm Training

For couples or individuals who are looking for regular check-ins and training, I require at least one session a month, plus regular compensated check-ins via phone or in person. If you are interested in working toward this, we can speak more about it in our first session.

Phone Sessions

I take phone sessions on NiteFlirt, it is best to reach out to me to schedule a call since I am signed in during variable hours. A longer phone session is also a good way to get to know me and my style. 


What are your boundaries and restrictions, Mistress?
I do not offer nude body worship, I do not do full or partial nudity, no toilet training, there is no sex (of ANY kind) offered or implied. Asking me about these activities will let me know you've not read my site and will likely result in no response.

How do I schedule and prepare for session?
You will start by submitting the contact form to Mistress. I will respond within 24 hours (unless traveling) and we will schedule a pre-session phone call to discuss your interests in more detail, go over safe words and boundaries (both yours and mine), and discuss specifics of the session. You will prepare mentally and plan your day around your session, leaving adequate time to be prompt and on-time and not overly rushed. You should prepare for the session as you would for a job interview or dinner date. I require that you be clean and not intoxicated. You should arrive at the playspace dressed in normal clothing for discretion, bringing with you any toys or attire you wish to have incorporated into our session. 

What if I can't provide a reference?
I take references from other dommes or relevant providers who can provide character reference. If you have anyone who might be willing to speak with Mistress on your behalf, I will approach them professionally and succinctly for a reference. I often give references for my previous and current clients and this is a common practice in our industry. If you cannot provide a reference and are new to this, please do contact me and I will accept your inquiry and see new clients on a case by case basis. Inquiring for a session clearly and respectfully.

Do you enjoy playing with newbies and novices?
I do love exploring and discovering with new submissives and BDSM novices. As long as you communicate and express your desires clearly, I am interested in working with you. I will ensure the process is safe and that you work to push yourself into new things, unearthing long buried desires. This is always a pleasure for me.

What is a meet and greet?
I do 45min-1hr meet and greets with new clients. These are compensated. We will meet somewhere discreet for coffee or tea and it will be a casual interview for both of us. I do public sessions and have had dinner dates with regular or long term clients, but these are always compensated and do not expect otherwise.

Do you do long term or overnight sessions?
I do longer term or overnight sessions with regular or long term clients. Do not ask for this unless we’ve sessioned before. These need to be planned significantly in advance.

Can I further tribute Mistress or bring a gift?
I do not expect gifts but of course I do love receiving gifts from my devoted subjects. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of quality champagne or wine, flowers, or nice scented candles. You may visit my Pinterest boards and Wishlist for ideas of what I love. Other forms of tribute (to express devotion and appreciation) include PayPal and Amazon e-gift cards. I also quite love gift cards from, Mr. S Leather, Westward Bound Latex, or Victoria’s Secret. E-gift cards can be sent to

Can I be your personal slave?
The answer in most cases is no. I take sessions, I train, I enjoy developing long term and consistent professional relationships, but I take personal slaves very seriously. If this is your first and main interest I am not likely the Mistress for you. I would only consider a personal slave who has been working with me longterm, and who has proven devoted, well-behaved, and useful. If we develop a strong dynamic we can discuss moving into personal service and longterm training.

Do you do long distance or phone domination?
I enjoy phone sessions a great deal, and developing longer term devotion and training from afar. We can work to create a program for you once you’ve proven consistency. I take phone sessions via NiteFlirt.

What types of safety precautions do you take?
My safety and yours is my top priority. As a professional, I hold the virtues of safe, sane, and consensual play to be sacrosanct.  I am very selective in the people I choose to see, this is not only for my protection but for the protection of my other clients. I can promise that I will never reveal the identity of clients or what took place in a session to anyone, privacy is sacred. I am constantly honing my skills with the toys and various implements I use to ensure they are used safely and correctly. As a longtime lifestyle player I have attended countless kink workshops and classes to learn new skills and hone my practice. All play is in a discreet, safe, and clean space. My playspace is located a safe neighborhood where you need not worry about coming and going discretely.

What are safe words, and how are they used?
I always use safe words and we will go over these prior to session. Safe words are used not only for sessions involving pain. Safe words are used to slow down or stop a session. Sometimes one can be triggered or made uncomfortable by a word or a sensation or for seemingly no clear reason at all. This is when you should USE YOUR WORDS and communicate discomfort. Safe words can be used to moderate the scene without disrupting it, or to completely stop the session and renegotiate boundaries.