At my fetish space, Sub Rosa, we offer a variety of sexual empowerment and kink classes, workshops, and retreats for all genders, sexualities, and kinky persuasions. I teach classes here often as well.

These classes are a great way to meet me and see my style, or come and see the fetish space and learn some skills. It is always a good opportunity to meet likeminded folks and get an accessible introduction to the world of kink and BDSM. We encourage those at any stage of exploration as well as solo attendees and couples.

If you’re an educator interested in teaching at Sub Rosa, please do reach out to us to propose a class. You can reach us at

Check the calendar and get your tickets!

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50 Shades of STFU, 4th Thursdays at Sanctuary Club

$10  |  21+ | 8pm – close 

Spank the patriarchy at the hottest femdom party in Portland, OR. Hosted by yours truly, 50 Shades of STFU is a kinky play party, social event, and performance venue for fem tops and the individuals who serve and worship them. We aim to create an inclusive space for LGBTQ, pansexual, queer, or straight subs and their fem tops. A variety of performances kick off the evening, everything from drag, to strip, to intense performative kink scenes. 

If you’re a cis male dom this is really not the event for you. If you wanna switch it up and explore your subby side you are welcome to come. Check your entitlement at the door & see dress code.

*Playspaces, St. Andrews cross, semi-private areas, spanking benches, and hard points available.


This is a party to encourage and fuel fem tops and those who are interested in being submissive to them. We aim to be inclusive while encouraging attendees to dress the part, this is to create a safe space for this community to explore. We are looking to avoid gawkers or entitled dude tourists.

Fems can dress to impress as they wish (fetish wear encouraged).
Female subs encouraged to present as such as well.

Male attendees are required to dress to express their interest in fem dominance, even in some small way: fetish wear, collars, cuffs, high heels, fetish shoes, hoods, crossdressed, glamour, make-up, uniforms*, leather, PVC, lingerie, formal wear, leashes, puppy or animal costumes, sweet jammies, cute underpants, bow ties, bunny ears, etc.

Cisgendered male attendees will not be allowed in the club in plain street clothes.

For first-timers, black clothing and nice underwear are acceptable. If you have nothing to wear, we will give you a nametag to identify as: submissive, slave, sub-curious, etc.

Attendees will not move about the space nude unless part of an active scene. 

*Racist/fascist symbols and uniforms are not allowed in the club.


  • Do not interrupt scenes!

  • Do not get too close to play scenes or ask to be involved.

  • Always negotiate boundaries before playing!

  • Play is encouraged but NEVER expected of anyone.

  • Safe, sane, and 100% consensual play only.

  • Dungeon Monitors will be present and monitoring all scenes.


  • Aggressive cruising will not be tolerated. Be aware of the space and energy you are taking when you hover or get near a play scene.

  • CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT. Do not touch another person or their property without their explicit permission. No means no. Do not get pushy or aggressive. This behavior will be grounds for being asked to leave the club.

  • Attendees will not move about the space nude unless part of an active scene.

  • No blood play, urine play, hot wax, vomit, scat, fire, knife play, guns, or breathplay. The DMs will end scenes including these actions.

  • Attendees will respect the Dungeon Monitors, hostess Mistress Viola, security, and Sanctuary staff and follow the rules and instructions.

  • No drugs or outside alcohol allowed.

  • No audio or video recording devices are allowed.

  • Cell phones may only be used outside or in the outer hallway. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. If we see you taking photos you will be asked to leave.

  • Limit your play scenes to 45 mins as to allow time for others to use the play areas, suspension points and dungeon furniture as there are limited areas.

  • Clean furniture and play equipment before and after scenes. There are cleaning supplies provided by the club.

  • Do not move play furniture without discussing with DM or Mistress Viola first.

  • If you feel someone is misbehaving, being aggressive, or making you or someone else feel uncomfortable, please let the DMs, hostess Mistress Viola or club staff know ASAP and we will do what we can to inform the individual or have them removed.

  • Use of the word “safeword” is a call for assistance. DMs and/or other experienced players will intervene and come to your aid when they hear it.

Mistres Viola pictured with Alexis (Queen of the Velvet Rope!), Lo Satanic, Mistress Fenris, and cabana toys.

Mistres Viola pictured with Alexis (Queen of the Velvet Rope!), Lo Satanic, Mistress Fenris, and cabana toys.