"If you are lucky you will be allowed to enter the world of Mistress Viola Parker. Also known as Queen Vee, Mistress Viola is the very definition of a strong woman. She is demanding, confident, sophisticated, beautiful, tall and shapely. You will eagerly obey her commands. She will look deep into your soul and satisfy your secret desires. She will use you for her own pleasure - as a foot rest, as a houseboy, as a bench, as a retriever, as a punching bag, as a masseuse, as a floor mat. She will give you pain that satisfies. She will have you smiling with satisfaction (and maybe bruises) for days on end."
puppy e. 

"Oh Mistress, I want to ride in your purse and be your little sissy pet.  You have filled my thoughts since we parted ways, and I am most grateful to you. You’ve opened a door for me that I had only imagined before and I am eager to once again lie at your beautiful feet and to submit to you. Dreaming of being wrapped in your legs."
sissy c.

"I have to admit, I was a bit nervous before I arrived, as I didn't know exactly what to expect from the event. But as soon as I walked in the door and You greeted me, You made me feel completely relaxed your easygoing, approachable manner. It felt almost like an old friend, which really helped me feel at ease and set the tone for the whole night. I enjoyed it so much and it was wonderful meeting so many friendly, kinky people with common interests and fetishes. What a fantastic, fun community!"
anonymous FootNight attendee

"First, some things I am very thankful for:
Your communication style is so crystal clear. A huge thank you because you could both instantly put me at ease and then shook me to attention without ever leaving me floundering not knowing what to do. Your attention to detail and sense of flow. I have only known you for a short time yet already feel completely safe. I trust you utterly, which let me relax and sink into the moment. Thank you for that feeling.
The incredible amount of hard work you put into you and all that you create. Dedication to your craft is truly admirable and gives me much to look up to you for, beyond simply your breathtaking height.
Learning to rub your feet and calves through your boots. To serve you is one thing. To serve you in a way you find useful is another thing entirely. A glorious opportunity! A chance to serve!
I awoke this morning to find the heel marks on my body were still there. I beg you, Mistress Viola, please trample me again. I'll get stronger and squirm less, I promise. Please, please, I beg you...squish me forevermore?
Worshipping you, worshipping the ground you walk upon, and then literally licking that ground from the soles of your boots. Unbelievably delightful!"
sub s.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Without trying to sound too much like a teen groupie: you are beautiful and talented!!! X and I are both so happy to know you and be able to be trained in the fine arts with your guiding skills! I will write more in a day or two, right now my mind is a little mushy from your efforts. It is my greatest hope that I please you as you guide us.
N (couples D/s coaching)

I am amazingly sore. Guess more went on than I appreciated in the moment. Wow what fun. I'm still mulling over the experience. And looking forward to another. Thank you!
masochist  j